To understand my new mothering gig, I needed to write about it. Savagemama was born. A blog now spanning seven years, savagemama captures stories about my tiny daughters, my love of the IRS 1040, growing up Southern and occasionally posing in my underwear among other things. savagemama is published weekly at


In an effort to try and escape the middle-class debt trap, my family and I are embarking on an experiment to live rent-free for one year in a one-room, 282 square feet used-to-be-garage. My husband is going back to graduate school and we hope to avoid crushing student debt by living light and small.


As a freelance writer with more than 10 years experience in the nonprofit sector, I help organizations tell their stories by writing marketing copy, communications pieces and development proposals. I also write nonfiction features, profiles and essays for publication in print and online. For more samples, please contact me.